AdFire Creative


Brand Refresh for Cedar Bear Naturals
Created original brand and all associated elements for Sweeto Burrito.
Brand creation for stylized Tiki necklace brand,
Brand Creation for MTV associated project Natural High.
Refresh for major national brand Pro-Form.
Final Logo for Paul Allen's Flying Heritage Collection Museum in Seattle Washington.
Round 1 of Flying Heritage Collection Brand exploration.
Second Round of FHC Brand Creation.
Team Sweeto Illustration of 3 Main Burrito Lucha Characters in the Sweeto Universe.


Even in an old school platform, our award-winning radio work is always fresh, unique and unexpected. (18 American Ad Awards in the last 3 years) 


One commercial of a four commercial campaign produced for Maverik Country Stores. 

30 minute animated and live action children's media project produced, written, animated and edited by Adfire Creative founders Jon Pierre Francia and Matthew Hill.  All original music created by Adfire. 

Sweeto Burrito Spokane Catering commercial.

One of many Scattertunes media projects produced for amazing client.

One of many Bish's RV spots. Great Client for many, many years.

Making Memories with Bish's RV.

One of our first Major Clients in the early days of HD Satellite service.

Fun, but inexpensive commercial for small local client. We produce media for a wide variety of clients. 

Intense community outreach Anti-Drug video produced for Rigby High School. Cinematography and editing by Jon Pierre Francia.

Promo Parody Video for Scattertunes Kesha TikTok. 

Promo Parody Video for Taylor Swift. Produced for Big Machine Records


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